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CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS Makers’ Space: Drones Design

Call for participants for a 2 hour Drones Design workshop facilitated by Unexpect and Maarten Kip.

There is a lot of discussion and speculation about drones and their role in defence, commerce and their potential to impact our lifestyles worldwide. But what do drones look like up close? How do they work and who is making, playing and hacking with them?


EVENT information
Date & Time: Friday 23 May 14.00 - 16.00 & 16:30 - 18:30
Location: Het Nieuwe Instituut Zaal 3
Price: € 10, Register via 
Note: 10 - 15 participants

Maarten Kip and Unexpect (Emer Beamer) will share some of the latest designs and their uses by artists and activists. You can learn to fly a nano-copter or an FPV drone, it takes some practice. Also we will elaborate on what it takes to build your own drone.

Interested? Please apply by sending an email to

About Maarten Klip

Maarten Kip works as a theatre technician at the  U-theater- StudioT of the multimedia department of the Centrum voor Informatisering en Mediagebruik (CIM) at The University of Utrecht. Read more about Maarten Kip

About Emer Beamer (Unexpect)

Emer is a social designer and education innovator. Unexpect is her new studio: 'Where children design better futures with new technologies'

At Unexpect they believe that all children and young people can contribute to designing a better world, now and in the future. By learning the art of social design and invention, children gain 21st century skills, while employing their unique creativity and natural empathy to make the world a better place.

Emer also gives trainings on using design thinking in education and does consultancy, creating educational programs for ngo's, museum's, schools and innovation organisations. For example she currently working THNK and De Nederlandse School, to design a new school for secondary school teachers in the Netherlands.

Read more about Emer Beamer here